This is how meetings work today:

Modern meetings are short, collaborative and transparent for better results.

The first collaborative meeting workspace with European privacy standards.

Talking is not enough: we want short meetings and good results.

With slides, textboards and whiteboards, everyone gets into the “flow”: they work more naturally, with more variety and with more concentration. By working on a time-shifted basis, meetings are better prepared and shorter. Everyone has several rooms – this creates a better team feeling and everything is where you need it. And it’s so easy!

Try it out or book a demo!

Would you like to try out TOGETHER? The first 30 days are free, after that you keep one room – or 5 if you subscribe.

We would be happy to guide you through all the basic features of Together in a free demo session – tailored to your needs and use cases.

Get into the flow

Work more naturally and with greater concentration, variety and ease with TOGETHER:

Everyone is looking at the same thing! More focus and new formats such as debates and simulations possible

Presentation management for everyone: instead of screen sharing, bring slides directly to the stage - more interaction, less TV

Anyone can "tweet" into the room so that everyone can see your comments, opinion or question

If something needs to be clarified: just create a textboard with one click and start writing

Moderators are relieved by co-moderators

TOGETHER breaks down barriers - and everyone gets into "flow

Work in a document space leads to results

Video conferences become shorter when everyone prepares. TOGETHER also allows all participants to work together in a time-shifted manner, e.g. on the agenda.

Create textboards (e.g. "brainstorming") that are still available after the meeting

Before and after the meeting everyone can participate if it fits in time

Templates for agenda, resolutions, minutes, standups, retros, goals/OKR and contracts.

Protocols and other texts are immediately distributed to all participants - no more waiting times

Download a handout immediately from what you really need

NEW: Group voting on contents and filing for proof - these results matter

TOGETHER supports writing for more clarity and commitment

Collaboration time-shifted in rooms, not just in "meetings"

Different activity streams (sales training, controlling, customer meetings…) are organized in different rooms. This way, documents are where you need them to be for your goals. With staggered work, “meetings” become fewer and shorter.

Five rooms are standard - and for a whole floor or house, you can get more 😉

Name rooms, e.g. "Berlin", "Kiev", "Customer ABC", "Café".

Other participants can access your content at any time if you share it beforehand

Work on your own content, alone or with others in the room.

UPCOMING: Upload files to the room (like Dropbox, etc.)

Different rooms for different purposes - everything in its place to achieve goals.

Free test drive

Next generation video conferencing and workspace
0 for 30 days
  • Complete range of functions
  • Five rooms included
  • Five rooms free for or 30 days
  • Reduced to one room with 40 min. video time after the test period

PRO with 20% Early Bird discount

Next generation video conferencing and workspace
19 month (= € 15,97 plus VAT)
  • Complete range of functions
  • Five rooms included
  • Permanent access during subscription
  • At launch 20% discount on annual fee: €45.60 saved
  • AI Package costs + €9, Trust package with signing + €9

How it works

Upload, invite, discuss: TOGETHER is so easy!


Upload your slides

Upload your slides (images, PowerPoint or PDF). You can organize your content at any time: rename, sort, create textboards and other contents and even assign the content to other rooms.
Logging in works even without a password with your digital wallet.


Invite people

Invite people “old school” (link/email).

Invitations are even more secure for users with digital wallets. No more forgotten passwords, insecure invitation links or hacked passwords.



Achieve results

Fill out the agenda as a team, write down ideas and minutes for everyone in real time. AI helps to optimize or do some collaborative research.

Group decisions can be made and documented in a legally compliant manner.

During the meeting you can download textboard content (like minutes) or send it to the participants with one click.

Let all users show to certain contents with a live pointer.

Create well designed handouts of slides or textboards.

… and much more!

Advantages of

Next generation video conferencing and workspace

All-in-one solution for collaboration

TOGETHER is a workspace where you can meet, write and record results. A new type of software that combines video conferencing, presentation software and a kind of "Google Docs". You can even build a "floor" of rooms and go from room to room. AI helps you for texts.

Ultimate simplicity - it's a joy!

Remote collaboration is possible for everyone. So we stuck to the basics and developed a very simple user interface that works in modern browsers. We don't want to be an avant-garde tool. We want joy and flow!

"Good governance" for increased need for trust

Each TOGETHER subscriber can remain pseudonymous or reveal their identity. For the last case we offer identity verification by video ID. Access with digital wallets (currently Metamask) makes it more secure to use - no more application passwords. Group decisions can be made and proven, even with a time delay or anonymously.

Data protection by design: Hosting in Germany and strict data protection

TOGETHER allows 100% GDPR compliant deployment. It is hosted in Germany, does not share any data with third parties and uses only a technical cookie. Log in with your digital wallet and you'll have secure, password-free access and be anonymous. Your content is stored in German data centers.

Application areas

TOGETHER whenever people want to talk and decide with each other


Simple, short and engaging meetings with agenda, slides and minutes.


Sell with a few clicks: upload your presentation, invite your customers, GO!


Teach others with lectures, discussions, role plays, and assignments.


Present to the group, share your content, collaborate and reduce risks by provable decisions and declarations. 


Accompany your customer on the digital path to more self-determination and satisfaction!


Analyze situations and things with experts and customers. Live Cam and all documents in the room.

Recent Posts:

The Blog

DAOgether FAQs.

The most frequently asked questions...


TOGETHER is the only tool that lets you easily talk, present and write together about ideas, protocols and proposals. Of course, we can also hold video conferences.

What are the differences to MS Teams or Zoom?

TOGETHER protects your privacy and secrets (100% GDPR compliant, no backdoor - Cloud Act, All participants on an equal footing, content owner can even withdraw content retrospectively).
TOGETHER is easy to use: One-click, even for different organizations. A lean company wiki (think of a simplified Notion). It has focus tools: Stage for All, Livepointer, Scheduled Sequences, Meeting-specific functions at your fingertips: agenda, sending minutes, journaling. And the hub concept improves team spirit and helps to fight siloization of organizations.
TOGETHER has a trust layer: Identity verification (of the person) via Video ID Signing of documents (e.g. customer onboarding: privacy policy, NDA, fee agreement) Group decision-making procedure (if necessary, time-delayed, by name, with signed receipt) Passwordless wallet access, pseudonymous if necessary, in addition to video ID if necessary.

Why should I sign up with a wallet?

A wallet is not required! But if you choose to do so, you won't have to enter an email address and password, we are more secure (most people use similar passwords) and you won't have to remember anything. In addition, we can still implement important functions with the wallet, for example, verifiable voting, secure event tickets, encrypted content.

I have the XY wallet - will it work?

At the moment we have chosen Metamask because it is very common and easy to use. If you do not have Metamask, install it, it is not complicated. We will be adding more wallets on demand.

What do you mean by "hardcore German privacy"?

We host in Germany, we are data-saving, we don't share data, we don't need marketing or tracking cookies. We are working on the certification.

What does Together cost?

The monthly price is 19 EUR incl. VAT for 5 rooms, which is 3.20 per room. And you get 20% discount on the annual payment. Excluding VAT, the price is only €2.69 per room - compare this with Zoom. If you need more rooms, we offer a quantity discount.

What can I do with the test account (test flights)?

This is a full account for one user, unlimited guests, with five rooms. Is then valid for 30 days, after which it is limited to one room and by data volume and video time.

We are a larger company and need more!

Okay! We are working on an Active Directory and a Sharepoint connector. Your branding is possible. And there is an on premise option.

Who is behind TOGETHER?

We are a team of a dozen digital professionals. There is noone "behind": we worked hard for more than three years and covered the costs ourselves and with the help of business angels.

What do I do when I have a suggestion for a function?

Please email us at

What do I do when I find an error?

Oooo! We don't want bugs! Please email us at