A new meeting experience

Meetings have always been a difficult topic, but since Covid it has become even worse: the head is smoking, the calendar is full, there are too few results. And with Hybrid Work, organizations have great problems ensuring that employees are not isolated, but remain well networked and that there is also room for informality.

So we thought we’d get to the root of the problems, and now we have after two years of development:

  1. TOGETHER enables interactive teamwork, primarily through built-in presentation features, text collaboration and whiteboards – and it’s totally easy to use.
  2. TOGETHER encourages writing, whether it’s agendas, minutes, or even collections of ideas and concepts – no tool has been able to do this without disruption, so you can focus on content.
  3. TOGETHER is a permanent space where people can work together even in a time-shifted manner – everything goes faster, the meetings and the process results.
  4. TOGETHER is the answer to remote work problems of many organizations because we enable many rooms that you organize thematically: everything you need is there, and you can also change rooms with one click.

Investors have told us: you are crazy, competing against MS teams? Yes, we are crazy. But not because we’re competing against Microsoft, but because we’re sick of the meeting shit and want to change it radically. Bad meetings make bad organizations! Meetings need to be shorter, people need to organize their work by results, as many people as possible should be involved – and in the end results should be provable. This is the only way for organizations to move forward: not with emails or gigantic chat tools, and not with video conferencing tools that have a few features added on later. But with clarity, participation and commitment – we call this “good governance”, and we are continuing on this path.

We’re not perfect yet, and we need a lot of feedback during the beta phase. If you want to come along on the journey:  please sign up to our waiting list, we’ll get you in here.

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